Virginia Antiquarian Booksellers Association

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Austin Abbey Rare Books

Bagby Books

Back Creek Books

Back in Time Rare Books

Bartleby's Books

Black Swan Books

Black Swan Books and Music

Blue Plate Books

Blue Whale Books

Book People


Buteo Books

Captain Ahab's Rare Books

Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding

Citation Books

Colebrook Book Barn

David McCord, Bookseller

David M. Lesser, Fine Antiquarian Books

DeWolfe & Wood Rare Books

Franklin Gilliam :: Rare Books

Frey Fine Books

Heartwood Books

Jerry N. Showalter, Bookseller

The Kelmscott Bookshop

Kenneth Mallory

L & T Respess Books

Le Bookiniste

Lorne Bair Rare Books

Mermaid Books

Michael Pyron, Bookseller

Oasis Books

Old New York Bookshop

Owens & Ramsey, Booksellers


Read'Em Again Books

Richmond Book Shop

Stephen M. Rowe

T. Brennan, Bookseller

Tennessee Books & Autographs

Toadlily Books

Whiting's Old Paper


Top 10 Reasons to Visit a VABA Member

10. Hold history in your hands.

9. Reuse & recycle.

8. Find an old favorite.

7. Support your local small business.

6. Add to your collection.

5. Better book selection than the big boxes.

4. Slow down. Relax. Browse.

3. Discover something you didn’t know you wanted.

2. Give your old books a good new home.

1. You never know what you’ll find at a used bookstore.


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